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When you click the link to our rental properties, a new window will open up on a site that lists all our available properties. You can click on properties you are interested in and see more information and pictures about that property.

Please realize this is going to move you to a different web site – you are not closing this one – just opening another. Please come back to this site to see information about how to apply for the properties you are interested in. You can also fill out our on-line application.

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Under Tenant Services, you will see our Printable Application, and our Approval Criteria. We encourage you to review our Approval Criteria and ask us if you have any questions.

One key thing – we work with many tenants with different situations. We realize that people sometimes have unusual situations and we try and work with them when we can. Especially in this economy we know that lots of people have hit bumps in the road.

The most important criteria we have is HONESTY. If you are honest with us, we will do our best to work with you as a renter or buyer. Please know that if we determine an applicant has not been honest in any regard, it will result in automatic rejection of your application. Let me repeat – if you are not honest with us, we will not rent to you.