Welcome to Owner Services

Thank you for your interest in our services. We provide full service property management for our clients. We also offer a range of General Contracting services.

Full Service Property Management
In this market, with the opportunity to purchase investment real estate at such significant discounts, often the biggest thing holding people back is concerns about how to manage the properties. Not everyone wants to be a landlord.
We offer a full range of services to purchase, renovate, and manage investment real estate. We also work with other investors who are selling turnkey rental properties where we can step in and manage them for you after your purchase. If you would like more information about how to engage us to manage your investment real estate, please fill in your name, phone number and email address and we will contact you directly.
We look forward to discussing your specific needs and requirements and working to provide you the services to make your real estate investment a success.
General Contracting Services
We have extensive general contracting experience having renovated hundreds of homes over the last 15 year. We work on everything from low income rentals to beautiful suburban homes, we can deliver a wide range of value - always at high quality. From easy rental turnovers to full rehabs - we've done it all sorts of work. Kitchens, baths, flooring, roofs, HVAC, plumbing, foundation, concrete, trenchless sewer relining, gas pipe, electric, landscaping. There's always something new in this business - and new techniques and technology to use to do tasks we've done before.