Welcome to Tenant Acceptance or Approval Criteria

We carefully screen tenants. While we look at the standard items below, please know an equally important criteria is honesty – any applicant who is not truthful on the application will be automatically rejected. Beyond that, our primary criteria are:

1. Before tax income of a minimum of 3 times the monthly rent – we verify employment and other income sources. All income is counted - disability, child support, food stamps, etc. Most clients accept Section 8.

2. Prior landlord references – we ask for name and phone number of last two landlords – and you are welcome to provide additional references.

3. Public records check for Evictions and Criminal background. These will not result in automatic rejection and you are welcome to provide information about situations we will find in our review. And if you fail to disclosed items we find, you will not be considered.

4. Credit check - This is our least important criteria - we like to see good history of paying house related expenses. We are not particularly concerned about school loans, medical bills, or even bankruptcy and foreclosure. So, please don’t hesitate to see the house or apply because of credit.

We use a structured application review system that looks at all of the criteria. This means all applicants are evaluated consistently and fairly. In the end, stable income and a good rental history are our most important criteria.

If, after reviewing these criteria, you think you will qualify, please call the office or email us and you can arrange a showing. Call our leasing manager at 513-655-6423