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Weybridge Property Management Services LLC was started in 2003 by Jim Shapiro. Jim left the Information Technology Services business to move Cincinnati and start a real estate business. Since then Jim has worked full time as a Property Manager, Realtor, renovator, investor, and consultant.

Jim has been a Realtor and licensed sales agent since 2005. In 2016 Jim became a Broker and opened Weybridge Realty, LLC, a full service brokerage. All property management activity is operated through the brokerage in accordance with Ohio law.

Jim bought his first rental property in 1990. His first paying job was for was doing electric and plumbing work for family friends when he was 14. While he’s not doing rehabs and repairs himself anymore, he brings hands on experience to the business.

Jim's information technology services work managing large government contracts involved project management, contractor selection and management, financial management, human resources management and customer service. All those skills transfer to property management and add value for his clients.