Welcome to Weybridge Realty, LLC

Weybridge Realty, LLC (formerly Proffitt/PRESRENTS) offers rental homes and apartments across the Cincinnati area. We have rental homes in many different neighborhoods and price ranges. Some of our homes are available for sale with Lease Options, Rent-to-Own and Land Contracts.

Many of our properties will also accept Section 8 and will work with the CMHA Mobility and Self-Sufficiency Programs.

We have a reputation for providing excellent service to the residents of our rental homes. If you are looking for a home to rent, please click here to jump to our available rental homes. We manage over 400 properties and always have a broad selection of homes available.

In addition to managing rental homes, we work with buyers and sellers. We usually have a few homes for sale and are happy to work with buyers to find just what they want and need. As an investor and renovator, we bring a high level of knowledge and expertise to our clients whether buying move-in ready home, rehabs, short sales or bank foreclosed properties. We can estimate repairs and structure creative purchases as called for by the situation.

Through Weybridge Property Management Services, we provide a full range of rehab and maintenance services for our client’s properties. Our tenants are assured of prompt, responsive services delivered by our experienced team. We also rehab and renovate homes for owners and investors. Sometims this is to get a house ready for rental. Other times its to prepare a sellers house for resale. And we offer these services to buyers. We do evertything from clean and paint to kitchen and bath renovations, plumbing, elecrtic, roofing – we have resources to tackle most jobs.

Our goal is to provide quality safe affordable rental housing with responsive maintenance services. We work with tenants, buyers and sellers to match them with great properties. And quality services. We hope we can work with you!